Product info

All of our products are made out of PU leather which means that our collars, leads and bracelets look and feel just like real leather, only softer, with the essential benefit of cruelty-free, meaning that no animals are harmed in any process of our product manufacturing.

All buckles and links are gold plated for a high end, stylish finish.

Care Instructions

To keep your products in tip-top shape and to get the most use out of them, we recommend reading the below information to keep your new products looking their best.

All of our products are made from durable materials and are water resistant. We recommend taking your pets collar off if they are going to be swimming in the
ocean, pool or bathing.

If your pal is used to making a mess of things and getting their collar and lead dirty or wet, we recommend wiping the collar clean with a wet cloth and drying it gently with a dry towel

Chewing and biting is off limits!